4SR 1PC suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red

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Racing Replica Superleggera Red

4SR 1PC suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red4SR 1PC suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red4SR 1PC suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red
4SR 1PC suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red4SR 1PC suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red4SR 1PC suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red
4SR Racing Replica Superleggera Red - consist of 18 ergonomically placed protectors
749 Eur

We have again improved the pattern and construction of our 1pc leather suit. Using feedback from our cooperation with BSB race winner James Ellison, we’ve created the most comfortable suit you will ever wear!

The Racing Repica suit's cut for model year 2016 has been changed, it has become more closed and flexible thanks to new flex-panels on shoulderblades. Total mobility, that is the expression characterising all 4SR one-piece suits.

By wearing this kind of suit, you may stand aside top riders who have trusted us for years:

  • William Dunlop / Road Racing
  • James Westmoreland / BSB
  • James Ellison / BSB
  • Jakub Smrž / BSB
  • Matěj Smrž / BSB
  • Lukáš Pešek / EWC

Our motorcycle suits are frequently used at the BSB championship, one of the most dangerous superbike competition. Since the suits are exposed to maximum strain during frequent fall-downs, we ensure the quality protectors are placed correctly. 4SR suits consist of 18 ergonomically placed protectors, which is the highest possible number of protectors made for line-produced suits.

During the line production the 1PC racing suits are equipped by these protectors:

  1. Back protector Sas-Tec
  2. Chest protector Sas-Tec
  3. Hip protectors Viscofoam
  4. Hip protectors Sas-Tec
  5. Tailbone protector Viscofoam
  6. Tailbone protector Sas-Tec
  7. Shin protectors Betac
  8. Knee protectors Betac
  9. Elbow protectors Betac
  10. Shoulder protectors Betac
  11. Biceps protector Viscofoam
  12. Forearm protector Viscofoam
  13. Collarbone protectors Viscofoam

4SR one-piece racing suit Racing Replica Superleggera Red:

  • 1,2 mm cowhide leather / black, fluorescent red, pearl white /
  • 2016 cut
  • 3D lining
  • precurved sleeves
  • double and triple seems
  • complete front perforation & local perforations underarm
  • poroten protectors on the chest and the back
  • Schoeller Keprotec® kevlar stretch for maximum flexibility
  • flexibile leather panels for better mobility on motorcycle
  • better shaped leather panels at the back area of the jacket will take care of perfect mobility
  • aerodynamic racing hump
  • double leather on shoulders
  • stylish 4SR zippers
  • reflective logo on the neck and printing on the wrist
  • kevlar stretch cuffs
  • comfortable collar
  • DSP (Double Shoulder Protection) system


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You can rely on the safety of our products. All suits come from the experience from racetracks where suits are exposed to maximum loads during numerous falls. Jakub Smrž tested Racing Replica Red suit instead of you.

Racing Replica suit is equipped with an extended flexible panel around the waist for better mobility. There is a racing aerodynamic hump too.

Racing Replica suit is equipped with chest and back protector, additional hip protectors and tailbone protector- everything from the renowned German brand Sas-Tec.

The new shape of the collar is based on the requirements of 4SR racers .

4SR One-piece suits are equiped with branded protectors Betac® on shoulders, elbows and knees; certificated in accordance with EN 1621-1. There are memory protectors Viscofoam® on the hips, collarbones and tail bone.

Wrist - high level of comfort and no more bruising will provide a system of neoprene wrist.

Protective element DSP (Double Shoulder Protection), double shoulder protection, is secured by the double leather shoulder coverage in places where most abrasion and subsequent injury occurs .

On a superbike you need a flexible crotch for free movement. That´s why you can find seam-free kevlar stretch on the one-piece suits, which will allow you to enjoy every single knee-down as much as possible.

The most important thing about suits is the quality of sewing and used seams. Precise fabrication of double and triple seams will assure maximum safety.

Complete front perforation & local perforations underarm, on thighs allow ventilation on hot summer days.

  • leather products wash by soft sponge and warm soap water
  • dust, dirt and insect remove promptly before it get dry
  • dry the garment unfolded away from heat sources and in a ventilated place
  • treat garment with leather balm