Hayden Gillim #69 - 2023 MotoAmerica Steel Commander Stock 1000 Champion

Factory rider 4SR Hayden Gillim #69 became the Champion of MotoAmerica 2023 race series in the Steel Commander Stock 1000 category.



Riding without protection is a risky business and most experienced bikers will simply say that you’re riding on borrowed time if you don’t have protection. We know that not all bikers want to wear full leather suits, but anyone who’s had even a small crash, will agree that protecting the most vulnerable areas is important and you can still look good in protective gear. In all of our riding jeans you will find our patented knee protection, by surrounding the knee in Kevlar and level 2 protection, we give you confidence when out on the open roads or the fast-paced city streets. Statistics show that a motorcycle accident can cause severe impact to the knee and shin in 80% of cases, that’s pretty high odds and not worth the risk. Your knees deserve our full attention and must be protected by the best available means, that's why we developed our unique and patented knee protection system for the highest level of safety and comfort.


4SR Individual • Women's custom leathers

Very special project inspired by The Little Prince. Kangaroo leather makes the suit extremely lightweight, with an unique image and print made on one piece of leather across the entire back and hump. 4SR Individual service gives you full rein to create your own fully personalized motorycle suit. If you have been dreaming of developing your own custom suit, jacket, or tailored pants contact us today to get your dream started. The perfect cut goes with custom colors and a custom design, which can be made in any color combination and style you want.


4SR leathers - we play fair!

All of our standard off-the-shelf 4SR leather suits are manufactured in exactly the same way as the suits produced for our 4SR factory riders. We have always used the same technological processes and materials for production and custom suits and that ensures we are making the best quality riding gear available to everyone. Each panel is cut from the same template, internal and external protectors come from the same manufacturer and offer the same high level of protection across the range. It’s our philosophy to play fair and we believe you should have the same protection and quality as the professional riders you aspire to ride like, giving you the confidence and level of safety needed when riding your bike on the road or at the track ...