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There are many manufacturers of motorcycle jeans. Most of these companies use Denim and aramid fabric that reinforces exposed areas.

Most of these jeans come with some kind of knee or hip protection installed. Unfortunately, most of these products have loosely installed protectors. The problem of loosely inserted pads placed in the pockets of the lining or outer material is that the pad does not wrap around the knee and shin, and slips easily when dropped. If your protection moves when you fall, is it even worth using?

That's why at 4SR, we came up with a patented knee protection system that increased the safety for everyone.



As racers know, the knee protectors must be in a place that protects your entire knee and shin. Our racing suits are produced with the pads fixed to the knees to avoid bending in the event of a fall. As a manufacturer of racing leathers that are widely used in BSB races (the most dangerous racing series in the world), we know everything about safety. That's why we invented and patented an elastic leg that holds the protector on the knee and shin. We built this patented system into our branded Kevlar jeans to keep the protectors in place.


Driving without knee pads is a huge risk. Anyone who has taken a fall on his knee from a motorcycle will confirm that. The roads are full of obstacles and distractions that can cause a rider to go down. Riding without protection, especially on the knees, is something every rider should consider.
According to statistics, in an accident, a severe impact on the knee and shin occurs in over 80% of cases. The knee deserves our full attention and must be protected by the best available means.


The problem was developing knee protection that would stay in place, even after a fall – coming up with a way to protect your knee and ensure that it is protected even in extreme situations was the ultimate goal.
Ordinary Kevlar jeans either have no protector at all, or they have a protector that is loosely embedded in the leg. Both options work the same. The height of the knee protector can sometimes be changed to fit the knee, but nothing fixes the protector to the right and left. Any movement of the knee protector can be dangerous, especially when getting on the bike.

4SR jeans offer a better solution than other riding jeans. The protector is located in the inner elastic leg, which surrounds the knee and calf and fixes the protector in the right place, every time. In addition, the protector is height adjustable, so if you have a problem with the protectors due to your height, you just found a pair of pants that solves this problem. Our system offers the best available protectors, combined with an intelligent gripping system..


Thanks to the experience we have in multiple professional and regional racing circuits, we know that high-quality, ergonomically shaped pads are essential. Therefore, we will not let you ride in flat pads. Our protectors are made by the Italian company Safe-Tech, which meet the standard LEVEL 2 protection that professional racers expect. The protectors also meet this standard at higher temperatures that meet T + standards. A protector that only meets Level 1 standards is easily 120% worse than a Level 2 protector.


No other jeans will offer you the high level of protection that 4SR offers. That's why we believe that the 4SR Kevlar Jeans are the best biker jeans on the market. From the Kevlar lining to the patented knee protection, 4SR offers the best quality and safest option on the market.
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