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Wearing the correct size motorcycle clothing is important for a number of reasons, not just because fitted clothing looks better, but because having the perfect fit is safer and you are less likely to sustain injury following a fall. For example: if your jacket is too big then the protectors will not sit firmly in place, they will then twist and move when making contact with the ground and their protective function is greatly reduced. 4SR clothing is planned in great detail and designed so follow the contours of the body, ensuring that even a tight-fitting one-piece suit is comfortable and instils confidence.


How do you keep your new leather purchase looking like new? Regularly wipe off dirt and insects with a damp cloth, ideally after each ride, it’s important to clean off the bugs and dirt before they dry out too much. For general cleaning, use a damp soft cloth with leather soap on the outer surface of the garment. Allow to dry and then treat the outer surface with a leather balm or leather care product. If you get caught out in heavy rain, you must first allow the garment to dry fully before re-treating with leather balm or leather care product. A special leather soap and leather care products can be found in our Eshop.



Please do not store or dry your leather clothing in direct sunlight, especially after cleaning. Leather is very sensitive without any protective treatment and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration. Please also note, that wearing light coloured leather garments with dark jeans may cause discoloration to the leather surface.


4SR use only genuine leather to produce our goods. Leather is a 100% natural material and it can vary in appearance, flexibility and pattern depth and it’s these imperfections that make leather so special and unique.

leather or TEXTILE?

An age-old question asked by many bikers and there is no clear answer, it is merely personal preference and depends mainly on what type of riding you do most. Leather provides the highest level of protection, firstly because of a high abrasion resistance and secondly because of the tighter fit. However, textile could be seen as a more practical solution, better suited for everyday riding and especially in extreme cold and wet conditions.


All motorcycle clothing comes with some form of protection fitted as standard, but how do you know if these protectors are good enough? The current standard, mandates that each RCD be marked with a precisely defined table. In addition to showing the standard, it should also display the biker pictogram and the test results. The number 1 or 2 indicates the level of protection, either Level 1 or Level 2. The best RCD is labelled Level 2 with T+, T-. Where + and - indicate that the RCD meets the strictest criteria at both high and low temperatures.


About us

We are a Czech company that produces stylish and functional motorcycle clothing. We pride ourselves on producing gear that is of the highest quality.We are active bikers and competitors. All of our designs, materials, development, and testing are performed by us and our sponsored riders. 

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