Club Sport Neon AR

Club Sport Neon AR New

Comfortable, safe, well-ventilated and with eye-catching colors - this is our new Club Sport Neon AR leather sports motorcycle jacket ready for airbag.


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Racing DNA

The Club Sport Neon AR jacket is based on the 4SR racing suits. It is made of premium 1.2 mm thick cowhide, which is layed twice in parts exposed to fall and stitched by double safety patented seam (sewn 4x). All other materials used in the production are exactly the same as for professional racing suits. Sleeves are taylored in the pre-closed fashion aming for a sporty position on a motorcycle, while narrow cuffs and semi-lock zippers make easier to put on racing gloves.


If you lay it down somewhere on the road in the Club Sport Neon AR jacket, you can also count, in addition to the premium leather, on top-quality Betac protectors in the shoulders and elbows, foam padding in the collarbones area, elbows and lower back, and outer plastic protectors on the shoulders. You can also fix both spine and chest protector inside the jacket. And since rider safety is our priority at 4SR, the jacket is Airbag Ready, thus it could be combined with most airbag vests on the market. Reflective stripes on the back and elbows increase the visibility in traffic. There is no suprise then that the jacket meets the highest AAA protection standard.

Comfortable, practical and well ventilated

Perforated flexible panels on the sides, back and elbows, as well as seamless aramid stretch in the underarms and inside of the sleeves, allow for freer movement and help dissipate heat in hot summer weather. Excellent air ventilation is also ensured by rich perforations on the chest, back, sides and forearms. The sleeves are finished with aramid stretch cuffs that allow free movement of the wrists. Drawstrings on the sides allow you to "fine-tune" the correct circumference of the jacket. For greater comfort, the jacket is extended in the back and can be easily attached to kevlar jeans by a short zipper or long zipper to leather moto pants.

4SR Leather Sport Motorcycle Jacket Club Sport AR:

  • 1.2 mm premium cowhide /black, white, fluo red, fluo yellow/
  • YKK® zippers
  • top-notch Betac® protectors on shoulders and elbows; certified according to EN 1621-1:2012
  • external plastic sliders on the shoulders, tested by BSB and WSBK racers
  • local perforations on the chest, back, side panels, armpits and elbows ensure excellent air ventilation on hot summer days
  • aramid stretch on the sleeves and flexible leather panels for better mobility on the motorcycle
  • the cut of the sleeves is specially adjusted for riding on sports motorcycles
  • sleeve cuffs made of aramid stretch improve free movement of the wrists and allow use of sports gloves
  • YKK® Semi-Automatic Lock zippers at the sleeve ends
  • low sports collar
  • extended back length
  • short and circumferential zip allowing the jacket to be combined with kevlar jeans or leather motorcycle pants
  • reflective stripes on the back and elbows for better visibility on the road
  • sewn by triple seams and the 4SR patented double safety seam (4x stitched) in more stressed parts
  • 2 outer and 4 inner pockets
  • 3D lining
  • large pocket to insert the spine protector and velcro panel to fix chest protector
  • the jacket is certified according to EN 17092-2 (AAA)
  • 4SR leather was tested by the TÜV Rheinland® certification center according to the EN 13595-2:2002 standard where it lasted 11.2 seconds in the abrasion resistance test, for which we have received a Level 2 safety mark
  • after removing the spine and chest protector, the jacket is ready for use with an airbag vest - simply and quickly you are ready - Airbag Ready®
  • AR Airbag Ready® is a trademark registered in the register of the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic
  • airbag system is not part of the jacket, we will be happy to help you choose a suitable system
  • the jacket is certified according to EN 17092-2 (AAA)
  • 4SR leather has been tested by the TÜV Rheinland® certification center according to EN 13595-2:2002, where it withstood 11.2 seconds in the impact abrasion test, earning our leather a Level 2 safety certification
  • after removing the spine and chest protectors, the jacket is ready for an airbag vest – so you are quickly and easily Airbag Ready®
  • AR Airbag Ready® is a registered trademark with the Czech Industrial Property Office
  • the airbag system is not included with the jacket, we will be happy to assist you to select a suitable airbag system

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Don't stretch your body. Stay relaxed.

Chest   Waist  
EU 48 - UK 38 95-98 cm 85-88 cm
EU 50 - UK 40 99-102 cm 89-92 cm
EU 52 - UK 42 103-106 cm 93-96 cm
EU 54 - UK 44 107-110 cm 97-100 cm
EU 56 - UK 46 111-114 cm 101-104 cm
EU 58 - UK 48 115-118 cm 105-108 cm
EU 60 - UK 50 119-122 cm 109-112 cm

Motorbike jacket should be tight.

  • leather products wash by soft sponge and warm soap water
  • dust, dirt and insect remove promptly before it get dry
  • dry the garment unfolded away from heat sources and in a ventilated place
  • treat garment with leather balm
  • if the items are in stock, they are dispatched the following business day
  • if for any reason it not possible to meet the delivery deadline, we will inform you immediately
  • for shipping within the EU, we utilize courier services by GLS or UPS
  • shipping within the EU is 5 EUR, the rate for shipping worldwide, will be calculated individually after the order is created

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