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4SR | James Ellison leathers with new sliders 2017

When the 4SR brand was born in 2007 we wondered which direction to go in and what avenue to pursue. The idea was crystal clear. It was to create something new, better & innovative...

Fast forward to 2017 and we are now the only Czech company with industry leading patent designs that increase safety and security for all of us on motorcycles.

So how does this happen? How do we get such recognition?

An example of our “innovation” would be our research into motorbike jean protection. In the beginning we researched and wondered why motorbike jeans protectors were fitted loosely, not adjustable and actually did not cover the knee(!). We wanted to solve this problem. We wanted to offer our customers a truly functional product and not something that is just called a "biker jeans". So 4SR came up with a simple, smart, and extremely functional solution. It is an elastic sock which holds the protector on the knees and shins and is independent of the outer Kevlar/denim material. As a result the protector itself is fully adjustable within its sock so you have it in the right place all the time, every time. It’s this same approach that we have used to develop our new sliders.

So for the 2017 products series we wanted to come up with something new and truly unique. Something that would further increase the safety of our products.  So “committed” is 4SR to be innovative and unique that new features such as the plastic sliders began their development over 2 years ago in spring 2015. Its 4SR’s dedication to Research & Development that has resulted in a product that we confidently believe meets our design goals of a unique, safe and highly functional motorcycle garment.

Put simply; we are the only company registered under the Czech Republic Industrial Property Office who has invent motorbike equipment so completely new that it has been recognised by our industry and government. Its milestones like this that continue to motivate us.

Research & Development

Let’s focus on the R&D process of our sliders. First we had to choose the material; there were only three choices:

  • ferrite materials i.e. steel or carbon
  • resilient plastic


Test 1 with steel revealed it is not flexible and actually transmits kinetic energy into the suit and potentially injuring the rider. Test 2 with carbon resulted in only partial absorption of energy from an impact and once damaged it provided limited additional protection. Test 3 clearly showed that flexible plastic absorbed any kinetic energy on impact and always returned to its original shape. It’s that level of R&D commitment that results in 4SR customers getting the best functional product.

Once the material was selected then the 4SR design team considered the ergonomics of the sliders. This is always the most important design criteria considered for any new function. Or team considered shape, feel & comfort before considering style and colouring of the new sliders.

With our materials selected and ergonomic designs completed it was time to test new suits and slider system. No better than our top level sponsored BSB riders to try out our new suits and sliders! This testing was completed during their own 2017 pre-season BSB testing and the overall feedback was extremely positive. Not only were the riders impressed with crash resistance of the sliders but also the levels of comfort for the riders. As a result we approved the new sliders and are now able to include these features in the 2017 collection.


The Future

Sliders are not a revolution but our process of R&D changes this to an evolution of this function. We will not rest and will strive to provide our customers with the best possible features, functions, ergonomics and style for years to come.  We want to advance 4SR, advance the industry and be at the pinnacle of innovation.


And so why are we doing all this? Because we are attracted by perfection and driven by the support and satisfaction of our customers.


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