Kevlar is nothing without protectors


4SR Kevlar Jeans

You already know that standard 4SR Kevlar jeans are equipped with top protectors. But we go a step further as the new protectors inserted in patented pockets, which can be repositioned, meet the latest certification standard.

In recent years Kevlar jeans have become the trend especially on hot summer days when riding in them is far more pleasant than in leather trousers. Obviously not all jeans on the market can offer you full protection. Kevlar fabric may be fine, but can you imagine the blow you get in case of an accident?

There are also differences in the quality of protectors and few protectors meet the new standard. Stricter requirements are placed on shock absorbing material, its constancy at different temperatures, overall dimensions of protectors and amount of absorbing matter. 4SR jeans are the only Kevlar jeans which have knee protectors and meet the highest certification standard on our market.

Why choose 4SR jeans?

  • The only Kevlar jeans that have knee and shin protectors and meet the highest certification standard on our market.
  • The same protectors are used in BSB, MotoGP, WSBK and IDM racing driver suits.
  • They have stitched in patented pockets which firmly hold the knee protectors in the right position.
  • Viscofoam memory protectors are inserted in the sides for protecting the hips.
  • The protectors are included in the price of the trousers.

The price of 4SR jeans ranges from 139 - 159 Eur; you can buy them in our Eshop or at all retailers of the brand.



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