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4SR = different & unique motorcycle jeans

The biking season is drawing near and this beautiful weather is just teasing us to get out a ride. But when it's warm outside, nobody wants to get all hot and sweaty in rainproof rags and that’s why more and more bikers are now sporting denim gear.

Denim jeans are comfy, some actually feature air vents and can look really stylish. Many manufacturers boast abrasion resistant materials and thankfully some actually feature some protection, although in varying degrees of quality. However, there’s only one brand that has their armour installed in the right place.

4SR denim biker jeans have been developed with the same attention to detail as our World-Class race suits, with rider safety at the very forefront. Out patented knee protection is fastened into our jeans in a secure, yet versatile manner, allowing total comfort and adjustability. So while others have ignored the sole purpose of riding gear, 4SR have made it our mission to produce the safest and most stylish denim biker wear in the world.

Most standard riding jeans have the armour housed into an outer-layer pocket of fabric, this is where the problem lies. In order to feel comfortable, your riding jeans should be a little bit loose, allowing air to circulate and not creating too much restriction when moving around the bike. But, when the jeans are loose, so is the armour and that could be the difference between saving your skin….and not.

Another point worth noting is that when mounting your bike, the knee area will automatically shift upwards and that will in turn move any protection away from the knee, this is common with all regular biker jeans. But not with 4SR, we have developed and patented a simple, smart and functional fastening solution to keep the armour on a rider's knees and shins. Our elasticated sock keeps the armour in place at all times, allowing the denim to move around freely.


And why is this system so important?

A study conducted by the Australian National Road Safety Council has shown that 81 % of crashed riders had knee and shin injuries, which is more than the incidence of head injuries (68 %).

In most cases, your leg (knee) is the first part of the body to meet the tarmac when falling from a motorcycle.

There’s many manufacturers now producing denim riding jeans, but only one has found the way to fasten the armour in the right place.

4SR jeans are unique – watch the entire video comparing ordinary jeans to 4SR jeans.



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