4SR leathers - we play fair!


4SR leathers - we play fair!

With so many leather suits on the market, making your decision can be difficult and you may find out the hard way if you’ve made the wrong choice. 4SR want to save you the pain and expense of making this mistake and that’s why we make our production suits in the same way we prepare our factory racer suits, we use the same technology, materials, cut, stitching and of course the same level of protection.

For over 10 years we have continuously developed and evolved our 1pc and 2pc suits, using direct feedback from our customers and our sponsored racers from all over the world, riders who compete at the highest level through BSB, WSBK and even MotoGP.

Last year we introduced our additional plastic shoulder and knee protectors, then more recently we launched our replaceable Elbow Down TECH Sliders and all of these new elements come in a variety of colour options, such as Standard Red, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Yellow or Green. If you want more, we also offer a bespoke service and you can order a custom-made suit design that’s completely tailored to your size, style and needs.
Otherwise you can choose one of our off-the-peg race replica designs, such as the 1PC Racing Replica Ellison, 2PC Evo III Ellison and 2PC Evo III Smrz.


Other than our leather construction, we put a lot of focus into our protectors. Gone are the days of hard plastic, old fashioned molten layered covers do not meet the new certifications and were always too rigid for a race suit. Our 4SR suits are equipped with 18 ergonomically placed protectors, which is the highest number of protectors on any off-the-peg produced suit. Our choice is Betac viscoelastic protectors because they meet the current EN 1621-1: 2012 standard, including additional certification for elevated T + temperatures encountered in the summer months.

Our 1pc suits come ready to go, with all aspects of a race suit included in one sale. In addition to the standard protectors and knee sliders you would expect, our competitively priced suit includes a chest protector, back protector, double hip protectors and a removable tailbone protector, all from the renowned German Sas-Tec brand. All 4SR one-piece suits also come with a hollow hump for Camelbak integration.

Mobility is very important for a racer and you will find an extensive use of seamless Kevlar stretch panel in the crotch, underarm and at the back of the knee, allowing a rider to easily move around the bike, for extra comfort we use a soft fabric at the cuffs. A clever solution to holding up your leathers between track sessions, 4SR's Zipper Lock system will effectively hold the upper half of your suit out of the way

We are proud to work with top flight racers such as James Ellison, James Westmoreland, Jakub Smrz, Alastair Seeley, Dean Ellison, and for the sixth year running we are very excited to still have William Dunlop wearing our brand.


How to Choose Your Gear?
Dean Ellison - Former WSBK racer and 2003 WEC champion explains the importance of fitted leathers.

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