4SR Motorcycle Leathers -Racing Monster Green AR Airbag Ready suit

Racing Monster Green AR suit

Friday, 23. July 2021

We're introducing the new top-class racing suit Racing Monster Green from the Airbag Ready edition, inspired by the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R superbike.

Racing Monster Green AR suit already comes with 18 ergonomically placed protectors and if you remove the 4SR Level 2 back and chest protectors, you can then wear your chosen airbag vest underneath. Easy and fast, you're now Airbag Ready!

Thanks to the unique cut and placement of accordion stretch panels, you can use several variants of standalone airbags available on the market. Our stitching and materials remain and will always remain 100% the same as our factory racers suits.

Why choose 4SR Airbag Ready 1pc motorcycle suit?

  • The suit is fully equipped with racing protectors, including chest and back protectors
  • Aramid stretch under the armpits and crotch is seamless
  • Inside the suit you will find a hidden pocket for a LapTimer
  • After closing the patent on the slider of the main zipper, the unzipped suit will not fall passed the butt 
  • Areas prone to abrasion are connected by a patented, double 4SR seam, which is sewn 4x!
  • 4SR suits have two layers of leather on the elbows, shoulders, hips and seating area
  • 4SR leather was tested by the TÜVRheinland® certification center according to the EN 13595-2: 2002 standard, where it withstood 11.2s in the abrasion resistance test. We received the Level 2 safety label for our leather.

You can find our new motorcycle suit Racing Monster Green AR in our Online Store and at your nearest 4SR dealer.

Racing Monster Green AR suit
Racing Monster Green AR suit
Racing Monster Green AR suit
Racing Monster Green AR suit