Club Sport Grey

Sporty Kevlar jeans that are properly fitted to maximize comfort and keep that sharp sports style and feel! These are the new Club Sport Grey jeans from the 4SR.


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When developing the 4SR Club Sport Grey jeans, we have used our experience from World Superbikes technology, to ensure these sporty jeans, work in the same way as our racing Leathers, using flexible panels above the knees.

Flexible and elastic Kevlar® by DuPont, has been used to produce these jeans, to ensure maximized comfort and mobility while riding your motorcycle.

The 4SR Club Sport Grey Jeans also have ventilation that is strategically placed on the upper thighs, right next to the side pockets. The location of the ventilation on the upper thigh reduces the risk of injury from the zip for the wearer. For added safety, the vent is also covered with Kevlar, for extra protection.

Like any other garment we produce at 4SR, the Club Sport Jeans are equipped with quality knee protectors, which are of course to the highest level 2 T + certification and with the ergonomic 3D shape of the protector not only protects the knee but also the shin.

Thanks to the development of our professional riders along with our experience in the world of motorcycle and world championship motorcycle racing, we know that the right shape of the protector is one of the most important aspects.

4SR Jeans are still the only Kevlar jeans on the market that have the fixation of the guards in the right place and meet the highest standard requirements. 4SR have the patented AFS - Armor Fixation System.

How does the 4SR AFS work? The trousers have a loose elastic stocking that holds the knee and shin protector in place and is independent from the top layer of material. So you still have the protector in the right place, while enjoying the freedom and movement of safe Kevlar jeans.
Additionally, you can adjust the protector up and down to position them exactly where you feel most comfortable according to your height.



4SR kevlar motorcycle jeans Club Sport Grey:

  • 14 ounce grey denim
  • reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber on the knees and hips
  • high quality Safe Tech knee protectors, EN 1621-1: 2012 LEVEL 2 T+ certified, adjustable to fit your height. The protectors are fixed in our patented pocket that is found on no other type of motorcycle jeans!
  • memory protectors Viscofoam on the hips
  • anatomical design of knees
  • flexible panels at the back area, covered with Kevlar® fibre by DuPont, for extra protection
  • ventilation placed on the upper thighs
  • magnetic side pocket
  • 4SR motorcycle jeans can be also equipped with certified hip protectors Sas-Tec
  • zipper for connection with 4SR jackets
  • textile bag packaging
  • the jeans are certified according to EN 17092-4:2020 and meet the requirements of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) class A

  Do You Have Any Questions?

Take a pair of your own jeans that resembles the fit you are insterested in buying and measure them as follows.

EU Width - Length Waistline (cm)  Innseam length (cm) 
48 W 30 - L 31 78 - 82 78
48 L W 30 - exL 35 78 - 82 90
50 W 32 - L 31 82 - 86 78
50 L W 32 - exL 35 82 - 86 90
52 W 34 - L 32 86 - 90 82
52 L W 34 - exL 36 86 - 90 92
54 W 36 - L 32,5 90 - 94 83
54 L W 36 - exL 36,5 90 - 94 93
56 W 38 - L 32,5 94 - 98 83
56 L W 38 - exL 36,5 94 - 98 93
58 W 40 - L 33 96 - 100 84
58 L W 40 - exL 37 96 - 100 94
60 W 42 - L 33,5 98 - 102 85
60 L W 42 - exL 37 98 - 102 94

Don't forget that motorbike jeans should be longer.

  • textile products wash by soft sponge and warm soap water
  • dust, dirt and insect remove promptly before it get dry
  • dry the garment unfolded away from heat sources and in a ventilated place
  • treat garment with impregnation spray
  • If the items are in stock, they are dispatched the following business day
  • If for any reason it not possible to meet the delivery deadline, we will inform you immediately
  • For shipping within the EU, we utilize courier services by GLS or UPS
  • Shipping within the EU is 5 EUR, the rate for shipping worldwide, will be calculated individually after the order is created

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