4SR Insert back protector

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Insert back protector

4SR Insert back protector4SR Insert back protector4SR Insert back protector
4SR Insert back protector
39 Eur

We know that in many situations wearing a full-fledged back protector can be impractical, so we decided to offer an appropriate solution.

Thanks to the cooperation with European top designers of safety protectors, you can now buy insert back protectors for all 4SR jackets and suits from model year 2009. It´s made of elastic but strong Polyurethane. This material has a memory effect, which allows shaping to any form, it´s comfy and very effective. This protector can be easily inserted in the pocket in a jacket or a suit and your back is safe. 4SR back protector meets the highest protection requirements according to EN1621-2 Level 2 norm.

It is necessary to buy a protector, which size corresponds with the size of your jacket.
Beware of different types of older jackets and suits. You are advised to carefully check the shape of your pocket




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Jacket can be also equipped with certified back protector, which can be inserted into the prepared pocket in the jacket´s lining.

Back protector is very flexible.