Why 4SR

Production functionality, not price or design, always comes first

In 4SR we produce functional and safe products. Price and design are important factors in our customers' decision-making, we know, but it is product functionality that we pay particular attention to. In our assortment you will never find mere designer fads; each detail has to have a reason.


Development and experience from the racing environment

Where best to test new protectors or a new racing suit in real-life conditions? In racing conditions, of course. And that is the reason why we cooperate with experienced racers in our development. For example, our main test rider Matěj Smrž has 20 years of experience in top races. For over 10 years we have continuously developed and evolved our 1pc and 2pc suits, using direct feedback from our customers and our sponsored racers from all over the world, riders who compete at the highest level through BSB, WSBK and even MotoGP.



Cooperation with leading protector producers

4SR products always have to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety. We therefore do not manufacture our own protectors, but rather use the best in each given segment, made by specialized producers. We always look at the quality of protection of the rider, provided by the protectors.
Gone are the days of hard plastic, old fashioned molten layered covers do not meet the new certifications and were always too rigid for a race suit. Our 4SR suits are equipped with 18 ergonomically placed protectors, which is the highest number of protectors on any off-the-peg produced suit. Our choice is Betac viscoelastic protectors because they meet the current EN 1621-1: 2012 standard, including additional certification for elevated T + temperatures encountered in the summer months.
Our Motorcycle Jeans are equipped with quality Safe Tech knee protectors, which are of course to the highest level 2 T + certification and with the ergonomic 3D shape of the protector not only protects the knee but also the shin.



It is the suit, not the certificate, that protects the rider (very low certification requirements)

A customer who wants a top-quality motorcycle suit should realize that his/her safety is in the hands of a specific product, not certification. CE certification under EN 1621-1 provides standards so low that it can be met even by products of a lower quality. 4SR products highly exceed the limits specified by that standard. That is why they are used in World Cup races, too.


The same products for customers and for competitive riders

It doesn't matter whether you're a street racer or a World Cup rider. You're equally important to us in 4SR. We make our production suits in the same way we prepare our factory racer suits, we use the same technology, materials, cut, stitching and of course the same level of protection.




Why doesn't  4SR use hard exterior protectors of metal?

In 2017 we introduced our additional plastic shoulder and knee protectors, then more recently we launched our replaceable Elbow Down TECH Sliders. The development of this plastic sliders took us over 2 years.

There were only three choices of material - ferrite materials i.e. steel, carbon, resilient plastic. Test one with steel revealed it is not flexible and actually transmits kinetic energy into the suit and potentially injuring the rider. Test two with carbon resulted in only partial absorption of energy from an impact and once damaged it provided limited additional protection. Test 3 clearly showed that flexible plastic absorbed any kinetic energy on impact and always returned to its original shape.
We can use metal protectors very easily, however all protectors used on 4SR products must be subjected to load testing & no metal protectors have passed such tests and, therefore, cannot be used on 4SR products.



Why are our products not made from kangaroo leather?

We can sew a suit from kangaroo leather, lighter than our existing suits, but our experience with falls in BSB, WSBK and Moto GP clearly shows that kangaroo leather is not the safest material for the production of suits. Strength and flexibility are more important than weight, and that is why our suits are so resistant.




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