Technology of seems

What is so interesting about seams that it deserves an entire article? A layman would scratch his forehead but experts know what we´re trying to say. The thing is that seams are not divided by the colour of threads used but the criterion is if the seam is single, double or even triple. Each one has its advantages and we´ll try to describe them below.

Single seem

In terms of safety, this seam is absolutely deficient. These seams are not appropriate for exposed areas or spots where contact with roads is expected. When sliding on asphalt the thread burns and as you can see on the seam scheme, the whole construction will fall apart. In place of the seam there is suddenly a hole and after that the rider is not sliding on the cowhide or kangaroo skin but on his own skin.

Single seem scheme

Caution, it is not double seem, but two single seems next to each other

Double seem

As the title says, it is really something better. The scheme clearly shows that if the outwardly visible subsidiary thread is damaged the system holds together thanks to the main thread, which is protected by the folded leather. It´s used for spots where contact with roads is very common in case of falls. We actually mean absolutely all spots. On suits and leather jackets double seams should be a matter of fact.

Double seem scheme

Triple seem

This seam is the most challenging to be manufactured and that´s why we don´t see it so often. It looks the best even at first sight. It is as equally massive as the double seam but much more comfortable. The reason why it´s more comfortable is shown on the scheme - it´s flat. For this feature it is used on the back, elbows, crotch and tailbone. The triple seam is to be frequently used on race suits, where comfort and safety is absolutely necessary.

Triple seem scheme

Triple seem after a fall

The thread has disappeared but the suit holds together

Click on image to view larger preview

triple seem on sleeve after a fall, BRNO 2009, MČR

triple seem on sitting part of suit after fall and 30 meters of scraping the asphalt , BRNO 2009, MČR




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