4SR clothing is designed to maximise the functionality of our products. To this end, we hand-pick the best materials and use the most advanced production technologies. Safety is of ultimate importance to us and all products comply with the highest standards. Therefore our clothing and gear are the choice of professional racing riders when it comes to the most challenging world-class competitions.


Flexible, strong and abrasion resistant. These are the essential qualities of any piece of leather that is meant to be used in motorcycle apparel. Only strong and flexible leather can withstand the impact if you happen to fall (it will not tear). Since the material is resistant to abrasion, it will not break in a crash slide situation, either. A riding suit can withstand the challenging conditions of a race only if made of the best quality leather. We use 1.2 mm thick cowhide for our suits and jackets, primarily the full grain (or top grain) of the hide. Thanks to thorough processing, our leather is twice as durable as kangaroo skin.


The type and quality of stitching and seams is equally important. It is the type of stitching, but also where a particular type of seam is used and how precisely the whole apparel is sewn together that plays such a vital role. All of the above determines how well the suit will work for you and how comfortable it will be to wear. Double and triple safety stitching is a matter of course and just a part of our outstanding stitching technology. In challenging environments of races like Moto GP, WSBK, IDM and others, you only come across professionally, best sewn products. For details on the stitching and seams we use please visit HERE.


Quality protectors are an essential part of cutting-edge motorcycle clothing. For Street Racing use Betac, ProLife and YF protectors. All our protectors go far beyond the 1621-1certification requirements in terms of the level of safety they provide. They do not restrict the rider in movement whilst absorbing the energy of an accidental impact in a crash situation.


Whilst safety is of utmost importance, so is the flexibility of the suit and the overall comfort. You need to feel both safe and comfortable at the same time in your suit. Therefore, the suit is cut in a way that allows maximum freedom in movement. A generous amount of Kevlar stretch fabric is used in our suits as well as flexible parts, both in the crotch and on sleeves.


The best references we can give you regarding the quality of our products are the racing riders who use them. You can spot 4SR suits and gloves at events like Grand Prix, World Superbike, IDM, ICV, MČR etc. In the Czech Republic, we are the only manufacturer supplying gloves for the above racing events and one of the two suppliers of leather suits for the same.



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