4SR Monster

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4SR Monster4SR Monster4SR Monster
4SR Monster
295 Eur

Jacket from street collection.

Simple concept: stylish leather clothing, minimalistic design. This jacket is made from soft buffalo leather. Ergonomic shape, perfect fitting and branded protectors for great comfort and safety. Ventilation system is located on sides. Leather is traditional part of motorbike culture. With Monster jacket you can be too. Monster collection consists also from leather trousers and gloves.

  • 1,2 mm buffalo leather
  • high quality protectors Safe Tech on the shoulders and elbows, certificated in accordance with EN 1621-1:2012 Level 2
  • all protectors are completely detachable
  • metal YKK zippers
  • jacket can be also equipped with certified back protector Sas-Tec®
  • ventilation system
  • variable waist
  • connection with leather trousers and jeans through long and short zipper
  • three outside pockets and two inside pockets




An extensive ventilation system will make riding pleasant even on hot summer days.

This jacket is equipped with shoulders and elbows ProLife protectors, certificated in accordance with EN 1621-1. This jacket can be equipped with 4SR insert back protector, which meets the highest protection requirements according to EN1621-2 Level 2 norm.

The jacket has extended back for better thermal comfort in the waist area .

Jacket can be also equipped with certified insert back protector, which can be inserted into the prepared pocket in the jacket´s lining.

There is a short zip for the connection with Jeans pants. Comfort and safety of the whole suit is therefore enhanced.

After a long zipper connection creates a perfect whole, in terms of both safety and comfort.

  • leather products wash by soft sponge and warm soap water
  • dust, dirt and insect remove promptly before it get dry
  • dry the garment unfolded away from heat sources and in a ventilated place
  • treat garment with leather balm