4SR Back Force

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Back Force

4SR Back Force4SR Back Force4SR Back Force
4SR Back Force
79 Eur

It is the first Czech back protector certified in accordance with EN EN 1621-2:2003 Level 1 European norm. Its plastic segments don´t constrain your movements and together with thick absorbing layer it effectively protects your spine. Segments and an inner absorbing layer are perforated in order to provide sufficient ventilation. The girth can be easily adjusted and fixed using dual velcro. This shield is delivered with a free handy transport case.

This back shield is used by racers such as Kuba Smrz, Matej Smrz and others.

Correct size of Backforce protector determinates the number of plates:

5 plates = < 170 cm = S
6 plates = 170 - 180 cm = M
7 plates = > 180 cm = L