4SR Sport Cup II gloves

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Sport Cup II

4SR Sport Cup II gloves4SR Sport Cup II gloves
79 Eur

High-quality, safe and comfortable gloves for sport and everyday use. Manufactured with great emphasis on comfort and simplicity.

  • leather sport-touring gloves made of goatskin
  • precurved sports design
  • ergonomic shape of the fingers ensures better comfort for your hands
  • double overlay over the outside of your little finger and forefinger
  • carbon joint protector
  • poreten knuckle protectors
  • reinforced palms
  • double fastening ensures the glove stays in place if you happen to fall


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One of the best materials for protectors, both visually and for its endurance, is carbon. We used this material for knuckles. Under them there is a memory protector Viscofoam.

The Grippy material is used on the inside of the palm and fingers, which increases the certainty while operating levers.

Double overlay over the outside of your little finger and forefinger.

Shape of the whole glove is pre-curved so that the hand precisely copies the handlebar.

  • Dry and ventilate gloves after every ride
  • Dirt and insect remove promptly by soft sponge and warm soap water
  • Dry the garment away from heat sources and in a ventilated place
  • Treat your leather gloves with leather balm