4SR Monster Lady fully perforated Gloves

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Monster Lady

4SR Monster Lady fully perforated Gloves4SR Monster Lady fully perforated Gloves
59 Eur

Monster Lady gloves made exclusively for women!

The Monster gloves are included in the urban collection of the same name. They are good-quality, very fine perforated gloves you will love to wear in summer.

4SR perforated summer ladies gloves Monster Lady:

  • leather gloves made of goatskin
  • ergonomic shape of the fingers ensures better comfort for your hands
  • reinforced palm
  • knuckle protectors
  • laser made decoration


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  • Dry and ventilate gloves after every ride
  • Dirt and insect remove promptly by soft sponge and warm soap water
  • Dry the garment away from heat sources and in a ventilated place
  • Treat your leather gloves with leather balm