4SR Kevlar Jeans

There a large number of manufacturers producing motorcycle jeans. The majority of them use materials like Denim, reinforced with Kevlar fabric on the most exposed parts. Some of them have added knee impact protectors of various degrees of quality. The problem with impact protectors, though, is that very often they will not stay in place. The protector is not sufficiently fixed around the knee and the part of the body that is at highest risk of injury gets easily exposed if you happen to fall. 4SR have a solution…


4SR Jeans are different and, in fact, the only ones of their kind. They are equipped with an inside pocket – our patented product – which holds the knee protector in place and in the correct position. The pocket contains top quality Safe Tech protectors used in racing suits. These protectors are adjustable – you can move them up and down along your leg using Velcro straps. The flexible inside pockets keep 4SR Jeans comfortably wide whilst the protectors stay fixed tight around your legs. No other manufacturer offers this system.



Naturally, the jeans are reinforced with Kevlar fabric and better hip protection is ensured by inserted Viscofoam (memory foam) protectors which help cushion this part of the body against a strong impact. 4SR Jeans meet the biggest number of safety criteria for motorcycle use and this is what makes them different.




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