96 Gloves

A biker is a competitive being, which is one of the reasons why those fast and clever ones go for measuring their racing skills on the racetrack. And that´s exactly where 96 Gloves are heading. Because two heads are better than one and some of those heads race in the most attractive series of World Superbike Championship in the long term, we addressed very experienced riders, Kuba and Mata Smrz, who helped us to develop the best Czech racing gloves. Both of them are so satisfied with their own work that they compete in these gloves very successfully.

So what is the point? Racing gloves have to provide as much comfort that the rider almost doesn´t know about them and he realizes that they´re there only once it´s necessary. We mean in case of a fall.


Leather is a material accessible in many kinds, thicknesses and surfacings. What is the most important for gloves is its resistance against abrasion. That´s why the 96 are made of Anilin Goat Skin in Digital modification. Yes, high-quality gloves are made from goatskin. Like kangaroo skin, it's firmer than cowhide of the same thickness, it resists abrasion excellently, and it's smooth and therefore very comfortable.


Everything should hold together even when you´re sliding to the recovery zone and that´s why these gloves are sewn with kevlar thread. Kevlar thread is very strong because it is spun out of several hundred thin fibres. It can resist much higher temperatures than polyester, nylon or cotton threads. That´s the reason why it doesn´t burn when in contact with asphalt.



One of the best materials for protectors - both visually and thanks to its resistance - is Carbon. We use it on knuckles and knucklebones. Under these there is a memory protector Viscofoam, which is also used for the protection of metacarpal bones. Carpal bones are protected by a small loosely placed memory protector, which doesn´t hamper the wrist. Forearm bones are guarded by wristbands, which are long enough and also filled with Viscofoam material. The palms are protected by double layers of leather, Viscofoam linings, kevlar tissues and rubber sliders. The sliders help to spread the energy of the impact onto a larger area minimizing possible injuries. While slipping it also helps prevent jamming the palm on the asphalt and wrist injuries.


A very important safety gadget is the bridge connecting the ring finger and the little finger. In case of a fall the risk of dislocation of the little finger is minimized. The whole interior is filled with Kevlar textile, which works as a last salvation in case the leather is cut off, e.g. when the hand is stuck under the motorbike. Double fastening and a double little finger edge is a matter of fact.


External seams are used to maximize your comfort and all fingers are pre-curved so that the gloves won´t open your hands on the handlebars. Grippy material is used on the inner sides of the palms, which increases your confidence while operating levers.



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