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We´re a Czech company producing stylish and functional motorcycling apparel of the highest quality. We personally are active motorcyclists and racers and therefore all the designs, materials, development and testing are under our personal control. We are lead by our own experience.

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We play fair

We make our production suits in the same way we prepare our factory racer suits, we use the same technology, materials, cut, stitching and of course the same level of protection. Our motorcycle suits are frequently used at the BSB championship, one of the most dangerous superbike competition.




Our development means having a close connection to riders from BSB, WSBK and MotoGP, all acquired knowledge is applied in production. For over 10 years we have continuously developed and evolved our 1pc and 2pc suits, using direct feedback from our customers and our sponsored racers from all over the world, riders who compete at the highest level through BSB, WSBK and even MotoGP.




4SR apparel styling is closely connected with the culture of road races and street rides. We know how important is the individuality of each racer. Therefore, we are capable of satisfying desires of every customer and creating designs based on his/her own concepts.



Motorcycle clothing Made To Measure

We also offer a bespoke service and you can order a custom-made suit design that’s completely tailored to your size, style and needs. We really understand how important is to have a racing suit, leather jacket or leather trousers, that fits perfectly. All of this goes hand in hand with a colour combination and overall design, which can be done in any colour combination and style. Write us at individual@4sr.com and you will immediately receive supplementary information. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!




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